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Creating and managing reader profiles on Read for My School
Creating and managing reader profiles on Read for My School

Check out how you can create and manage multiple readers under one account to support your fundraiser.

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Are you a parent who has multiple readers participating in your school fundraiser on Read for My School? If so, here's how you can create all of your readers under one account and manage their reading and fundraising progress directly on your app.

When you initially register for your fundraiser, you are asked to create your 1st reader profile. Once you complete registration with your 1st reader, from the home app screen, please click on your SETTING icon or click on the reader profile avatar (see screenshot below). On your setting screen, you can view all of the reader profiles that you are managing.

Next, click the CREATE READER PROFILE button. Next, fill out the reader profile form. You will need to place the new reader profile you are creating onto a team that is supporting your fundraiser. Once you select a team you want your reader on, you can select a cool avatar, insert your profile data as well as a personal message that will be displayed on reader profile's donation page. the form. Once you complete the form, please click the SAVE button.

When you complete your new reader profile, it will appear on your SETTINGS page. To toggle between profiles, just click on your avatar on the home app screen or click the settings button to come back and select a reader you need to track minutes for or share their donation page to raise money for your school. If you need to edit your reader profile, just click on the PEN icon. You will be directed to your profile settings to change a reader profile or even place the reader on another team.

For additional assistance, please contact our in-app support team.

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