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Getting Started with Read for My School
Getting Started with Read for My School

Now that you've created your fundraiser account, check out your administrator "To-Do" list to get your fundraiser ready to launch!

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Welcome to Read for My School! Are you ready to get started? Follow the steps below to get your fundraiser on Read for My School ready in less than 30 minutes!

Create your fundraiser story - Create a custom fundraiser community message so supporters who join know exactly what your cause is as well as what you would like them to do for you. Upload an image, share a video, write a short description, and even insert objectives that you want supporters to know about. The more supporters understand your vision, the more actively they will engage with your fundraiser!

Set reading and fundraising goals - Setting goals is an important part of any fundraiser. It provides readers with reading and fundraising milestones they need to achieve in order for your fundraiser to be successful. With RFMS, you can set overall, team, and individual goals that align with your school reading challenge requirements.

Connect to Stripe to start collecting online donations - Connect your business (non-profit or 4-profit) to our credit card processing partner, Stripe so that you can manage all online donations directly through Read for My School. Once connected, you will be able to manage all transactions directly through your administrator dashboard. The days of counting checks and cash are over and you now have a direct connection with your profits to control how you want to use them to support your fundraising goals.

Create your teams and invite families to join your fundraiser - Once you've successfully set up your Stripe account, the next step should be to build out your teams and to invite others to join in on the fun! It's important to start building out your teams first before inviting others to take some time to think about how you want to design your fundraiser. Read for My School team builder tool supports large district, school as well as small grade-level or classroom fundraisers. Once you finish setting up your teams, you will automatically receive your private invite code to share with all of your families.

Develop a strong communication plan - All fundraisers need a good communication plan to increase participation rates as well as donation profits. With Read for My School, you can access our templates to use as well as downloadable resources to support your school reading and fundraising needs.

Need additional assistance?

As the administrator, you have instant access to all our support articles and downloadable resources through our in-app toolkit. To access your administrator toolkit, select our in-app help icons below.

From your administrator support dashboard, you can connect with our in-app support team to get a question answered or get direct access to search all articles and resources to support your fundraiser.

Have FUN and start reading and fundraising! - The most important piece of the puzzle is to have fun! Whether you are raising $1,000 or $50,000, the goal should always be to make sure your supporters are having fun! 

Let us know if you need additional support. Our RFMS support team is here to answer any questions you might have about making your fundraiser the best it can be!

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