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Creating teams and inviting others to join your fundraiser on Read for My School
Creating teams and inviting others to join your fundraiser on Read for My School

Now that you've created your fundraiser on Read for My School, let's start building out your reading and fundraising teams to support it!

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Whether you are building a large school fundraiser or a small classroom reading challenge, setting up your teams provides an easy way for your supporters to join in on the fun!

Step 1: Determine how you want to design your teams

Determining how you want to design your teams is an important first step in promoting a successful fundraiser on Read for My School.

Here are some ways customers are building teams to support their fundraiser:

  • Promote a classroom challenge = 1 team

  • Promote a grade-level challenge = 1-4 teams

  • Promote a school or district-level challenge = 20 + teams

Once you've figured out how you want to design your fundraiser, the next step is to build out your team roster.

IMPORTANT: Your reading and fundraising teams need to be built BEFORE you launch your fundraiser and invite others to join in on the fun!

Step 2: Create your team roster

Once you log in to your administrator account, click on your TEAMS page. Then, click on the CREATE TEAM button.

Next, fill out the form to create your 1st team. You can provide a wacky team name (Example: Mr Smith's Rocket Readers), select grade level, # of students, as well as custom goals for the team. Once you have completed the team form, click the CREATE TEAM button to add the team to your roster list.

Once you create your first team, the team will be added to your team roster (screenshot below). If you are looking to create more teams (for example: by grade level or classroom), just repeat the process described above until you've completed your team roster list.

TIP: Once you finish your team list you can test out what it would look like for families when they register for your fundraiser. First, click the VIEW DONATION PAGE button on the top menu.

Then, on your administrator donation page, click on the JOIN FUNDRAISER button.

Next, you will see your event invite code as well as your fundraiser event details. Next, click the CONFIRM button. when registering and you can then see your team list.

Next, you can see the team or teams that you've created to support your fundraiser. All families and readers will see your team list when registering to support your fundraiser. Your supporters will select the team/s that you've created and then finish the reader profile to join the fun!

Step 3: Receive your private fundraiser invite code

Once you've completed your team roster, you will be provided your private fundraiser invite code that you want to share with others looking to join your fundraiser. When families/students register, they insert your private invite code and join the specific team that you've created during the registration process.

As the administrator, you can choose to copy/paste your invite link into any document or create a custom parent letter that you can distribute to families looking to join your fundraiser.

Sample Parent letter

Your parent letter contains a QR code that parents can scan with their mobile phone camera or they can choose from downloading our mobile apps directly from the Apple App and Google Play stores. Your parent letter also includes your fundraising story, your reading, and fundraising goals as well as your private invite code.

TIP: You can highlight, copy, and paste your parent letter into any document if you wish to customize your message. All links and QR code to families looking to support your fundraiser will still work!!

For additional assistance in creating your teams to support your fundraiser requirements, please reach out to our in-app support team.

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