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Managing student reading and fundraising progress on Read for My School
Managing student reading and fundraising progress on Read for My School

Easily track student progress on your custom leaderboard anytime, anywhere.

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When students register for your fundraiser and join a team that you've created, their reading and fundraising progress will be highlighted on the STUDENT LEADERBOARD for easy access and reporting. Whether you are tracking reading minutes, books completed, or donations received, all student records can be accessed on your student leaderboard at any time throughout the duration of your fundraiser.

As the administrator, you can search for a specific student record by name/email or search records based on team. You can also filter records (high to low; low to high) across any of the main leaderboard filters - last active session; grade; minutes; books; donations.

What is an (m) symbol after a reader profile's name on the student leaderboard?

If you see a reader profile with the symbol (m) after the name, it means that this specific profile is being managed under a single account. For additional assistance on how supporters can manage multiple readers under one account, click here.

TIP: Use your student leaderboard to drive excitement for your fundraiser as well as to track participation goals through reward (example: top 10 readers earn a special prize).

Accessing student accounts

On your student leaderboard, click on the name of the student you would like to view. There, you can edit their profile (change teams, set custom individual reading and fundraising goals) as well as access their student account by clicking the VIEW ACCOUNT button.

Once you've accessed your reader profile account, you can manage their progress, achievement goals as well as reading records.

TIP: When you access a student account, make sure you log out of the student's account when you are finished. To do this, go to the student's SETTINGS page and click LOGOUT at the bottom of the page.

For additional assistance with managing your student profiles, please reach out to our in-app support team.

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