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Invite volunteers to become team leaders and manage readers supporting your fundraiser
Invite volunteers to become team leaders and manage readers supporting your fundraiser

Invite volunteers to help you manage your readathon on Read for My School

Updated over a week ago

As the administrator of your fundraiser on Read for My School, you can now invite volunteers as "Team Leaders" to join and manage a single team or groups of teams to support your read-athon. Team Leaders can be teachers or parent volunteers that are invited to join your fundraiser and help you manage individual or groups of readers.

IMPORTANT: Before inviting team leaders to your fundraiser on Read for My School, please make sure that you've built out your Team Roster. For additional assistance in creating teams to support your fundraiser, please click here. Once you've created your teams, just follow the steps below to invite Team Leaders to support your teams and join in on the fun!

Inviting Team Leaders to join your fundraiser

Go to your Team Leaders page. You can find it on your main menu in your administrator dashboard.

Once on the Team Leaders page, click the COPY INVITE LINK button. You can now paste and share your invite link in any form of communication with your team leaders so that they can sign up to join your fundraiser.

IMPORTANT: Your volunteer invite link is only for team leaders to register and is a different invite link than what you will provide to your families to become readers and support your read-athon. Your invite link expires after 30 days. If your link expires, all you need to do is to click the button again to generate a new invite code and start the process again.

Once your team leaders have registered for your fundraiser, you (the administrator) will be able to manage them directly through your admin dashboard. You will be able to see the following associated with each team leader:

  • Team Leader account details - Name and contact email

  • Managed teams - the number of teams the team leader is managing. This can be one or multiple teams depending on who is helping you with your fundraiser!

  • Last active - The last time the team leader logged into your fundraiser

  • Registered - The date when the team leader registered to your fundraiser

To delete a Team Leader, just click on the button icon below to delete the account.

What can Team Leaders do for your fundraiser?

Once registered to your fundraiser, Team Leaders can edit team details (team name; custom goals) as well as manage student progress (edit student reading account) for the teams that they are managing. If you are looking for a volunteer to manage multiple teams, don't worry. Team leaders can opt-in to manage additional teams through their dashboard so no need to do anything but send out your invite link to volunteers that want to be team leaders. How cool is that?

Need additional assistance? Talk to our support team of fundraising experts to help you set up and manage your fundraiser so that it works for you.

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