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Timekeeping: Offline Time Cards
Timekeeping: Offline Time Cards

How to create time cards while offline

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The Rhumbix App provides offline data management for timekeeping users in areas with weak or no network connectivity. Users can still create time cards, which will submit automatically when the device returns online.

Triggering Offline Mode

When a device is offline, the user will see a gray banner at the top of the screen that says Offline Mode. Users can now begin creating time cards.

*The gray bar will turn green if/when the device reconnects to the internet.

Managing Projects Offline

Users can manage their projects offline by going to Offline Data in the Profile tab. Offline project data is automatically refreshed frequently but can also be refreshed manually. Users can also verify project data in preparation for going offline.

Recently used projects are listed first. These projects and their cost codes are available for offline timekeeping use.

Each of these projects will stay available offline for two weeks as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The date of one of your time cards using the project is within two weeks of today’s date.

  • The project is selected on time card setup.

  • The project is manually added to Offline Data.

Logging out will reset this list to just projects from the past two weeks of your time cards.

They are followed by all projects that can be made available offline. Users must click ADD PROJECTS and select from their list of projects to do so. This data will refresh, and the selected projects will join the available projects.

Users can also refresh all project data by clicking REFRESH DATA.

How to Create Offline Time Cards

Offline time cards are created like regular time cards. Users can set up projects, employees, and cost codes, enter in hours, shift extras, notes, absences, etc.

While in Offline Mode, user time cards are completed but have yet to be submitted. Instead, the time card data is saved in the Rhumbix app and placed in a pending state. Once the device reconnects to the internet, any time cards made offline will automatically submit and sync in real-time.

All time cards created offline can be found in Pending Uploads in the Profile tab. A user’s time cards are saved here as pending until the device is back online. Once reconnected, the time card(s) will submit as usual, and users can proceed to the next steps in the workflow, such as collecting signatures or approvals.

Offline Time Card Statuses

When a time card is created offline, it will move to pending status, found towards the top of the page in Time Card Summary.

When the device is back online, the time card will automatically submit and move into submitted status.

Best Practices

We recommend you follow these best practices for Offline Mode to work optimally for timekeeping.

  • If a time card is created offline and is pending, do not sign out of the Rhumbix mobile app. Doing so will clear all the saved and cached data and delete any pending time cards stored in the app. Be sure to stay logged in until the device reconnects to the internet.

  • If a time card is created offline and is pending, do not delete the Rhumbix mobile app. Doing so will also delete any pending time cards.

  • There is no time limit on when the device needs to be back online, but we recommend connecting back as soon as possible to ensure efficient workflow.

You can always find more information on timekeeping at our Support Center.

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