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Timekeeping: Approving Time Cards
Timekeeping: Approving Time Cards

Approving Time Workflow on Web Dashboard

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Rhumbix makes it easy for timekeeping users to approve and edit time cards within the Rhumbix Web Dashboard.

There are four common statutes that time cards can be set to.

  • Not Approved

  • Supervisor Approved

  • Payroll Verified

  • Exported

  • *Synced - A separate configuration for specific customer accounts that export their time. A Synced status signifies a completed time card that has been exported to the customer’s ERP software.

Changing Time Card Status

Users can update the status of time cards individually or for all time cards for the week.

To do so, navigate to Time Cards and select Weekly View.

For Individual Updates

Click the drop-down menu in the Total cell for the time chosen.

**Note: Users can also approve time by individual cost code if a time card has multiple cost codes.

Select the status you want the time card updated to.

The status will automatically update for that time card.

For Bulk Updates

Click the Update All Statuses drop-down menu from the taskbar at the top of the page.

Select the status you want to update the time cards to.

A confirmation message will appear. Click Continue to accept the updated status.

All time cards for the week will be updated with the same status.

Approval Workflow

Time card approval in Rhumbix depends on the user’s role. Users will have different permissions based on the status of the time card and their role. Please read our support article on Rhumbix Roles to learn more.

Below is a grid that outlines the actions available at each time card status by user role.


Along with updating statuses, Admin level users can prevent other users from editing existing time cards using the Locked Time Period feature.

Users can always find more information about timekeeping at our Support Center.

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