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"Something went wrong," When Submitting Time in Mobile App
"Something went wrong," When Submitting Time in Mobile App
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Here are some tips If a user encounters an error message when attempting to submit a time card.

First, users should always confirm that the time period they are submitting time for is not locked. If the time period is locked, please work with an Admin to submit the time by having them enter the time card or remove the locked time period.

  • If the time period is not locked, please try the following steps to troubleshoot Rhumbix.

  • Close and reopen the Rhumbix App.

  • Confirm you are using the newest version of the Rhumbix Mobile App. To perform an update, users can do so through the App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Uninstall and then reinstall the Mobile App. Please note that users must log back in once the app is reinstalled. Be sure to have your email and password handy.

  • Ensure the device is using the latest operating system (OS).

  • Turn off the device and turn it back on.

  • Ensure that there is a sufficient internet connection. If a user is in an area without Wi-Fi and the device does not have cellular data, we recommend using a hotspot from a mobile device with cellular Data.

    • Users can also work in Offline Mode but must reconnect to the internet to submit offline work.

If users still need assistance, please contact Rhumbix Support at

Users can always find more information at our Support Center.

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