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Timekeeping: Fill out Time Cards
Timekeeping: Fill out Time Cards

How to fill out hours and shift extras on mobile

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Once the time card is set up, users are ready to fill out a time card!

To Fill Out Time Cards

1. To assign time and add shift extras, click on each employee or Select on the top right to pick multiple employees.

  • If you forgot to select a cost code during setup, click SELECT COST CODE to add more.

  • Assign time by clicking and scrolling to add time under the Standard Time (ST), Overtime (OT), and Double Time (DT) labels.

  • If a user’s company uses shift premiums or reimbursements, add them under Shift Extras.

  • If a user’s company requires meal and break times, add them here.

2. To add an absence to an employee, click Actions in the top right corner of the employee screen and select Mark Absent.

  • Absences let users’ payroll and time card approvers know that a worker was missing from the site for all or part of the day.

  • An employee can have both time and absence. This is useful when explaining a drop in hours due to late arrival or early departure.

  • If an employee is marked absent by accident, a user can swipe left on their name and click Remove Absence to have them marked as present.

3. Once the time card is complete, click SUBMIT WORKSHIFT to submit the time card.

If you need to add projects, cost codes, or employees or change the date and time of the time card, you can go back to the Time Card Setup screen by clicking the Time Card or Time View tabs.

You can always find more information on timekeeping at our Support Center.

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