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Timekeeping: Adding notes

How to Add Notes, Edit, or Delete Time Cards

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The Rhumbix mobile app makes it easy for timekeeping users to add notes and photos to time cards, giving more insight into site conditions and work completed. Users can add notes while creating or editing a time card.

*If you do not see NOTES in your mobile app, this feature has been disabled for your company.

Add Notes to a Time Card

1. Once a user has created the time card, click NEXT.

2. Select NOTES from the top bar underneath the date.

3. Select CREATE NOTE from the center of the screen.

4. Choose the note type to add to the time card.

5. Fill out the relevant information in the note template. This can include Custom Text, Cost Codes, Location, and Photos.

6. To add a photo, select the Camera icon. You can then take a picture or add one from your device library.

7. When the note is complete, click SAVE.

8. The note will now appear under NOTES.

Edit or Delete Notes

1. Select NOTES from the top bar underneath the date.

2. Select the note.

3. Click EDIT in the top right corner. This opens the note template where the user can now make edits.

4. The user can select SAVE or DELETE at the bottom of the screen.

*Users can access and edit old notes from the Time Card Summary page.

You can always find more information on timekeeping at our Support Center.

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