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T&M Forms: Approve Workflow for Standalone Subcontractors
T&M Forms: Approve Workflow for Standalone Subcontractors
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Rhumbix offers a variety of workflows for T&M forms for users based on a company’s needs. This guide will provide a walkthrough of the T&M forms workflow for standalone subcontractors.

Rhumbix considers a Standalone Subcontractor as one who uses T&M Tracking without a formal General Contractor (GC) or Owner Project Share configuration. Standalone Subcontractors are able to move tags and edit the status of T&M Forms.

1. The T&M Form workflow allows the Subcontractor to move to any of the following statuses:

a. Draft, Submitted, Field Approved, Closed Approved, Closed Rejected, Submitted to GC, GC Approved, GC Rejected, Submitted to Guest, Guest Approved or Guest Rejected

2. Optionally, Rhumbix allows the Subcontractor to collaborate with external project stakeholders through the Guest Mode workflow (Submitted to Guest, Guest Approved, or Guest Rejected). See the Rhumbix Guest Mode article for more details.

a. Once the Subcontractor has moved the T&M Form to Submitted to Guest status, the guest collaborator can move the status to Guest Approved or Guest Rejected.

To change the status of a T&M Tag:

  1. Log into Rhumbix Dashboard.

  2. Under "Field Forms," click on the T&M Tracking view.


  3. Select the report(s) you want to take action on by selecting the check-box on the left-hand side.


  4. Click your new status. This will change the status of the T&M Form and notify the next user in the workflow chain.

  5. Share action is used for sharing T&M form for View Only or Request for Signature.


For your convenience, please see below for a grid of the available actions and statuses at each stage for each company type and role. Pro-Tip: Right-Click on the image below, Click on "Open Image in New Tab," hover over the image and the cursor will turn into a magnifying glass, and click to zoom in.


The GC Share Workflow and Owner Share Workflow instructions can be found in the respective links.

Users can always find more information on T&M Forms here on our Support Center.

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