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Learn how to bulk download RMBX documents

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When using the Rhumbix Dashboard, Field Workflow customers have two options for accessing their documents.

1. Field Form Dashboard

Field Workflow users can find their project documents in the Field Form dashboard. Additional information on viewing and editing individual Field Forms can be found in the T&M Forms: Review, Edit, and View History support article.

2. Bulk Download (up to 25 forms)

Field Workflow users can now download documents in bulk from the action bar. To do this, navigate to the Field Forms dashboard and select the form type you want to access (e.g., T&M Tracking)

The user selects the documents to bulk download. (up to 25 documents at a time)

Select “Download Selected” from the action bar.

A pop-up will appear at the bottom right corner of the screen. The first message lets the user know the PDF Download Request has been sent. The second message tells the user the PDFs are being generated, and the download will begin shortly.

The bulk download is complete once the zip file downloads to the user’s machine.

You can always find more information about Field Forms in our Support Center.

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