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Timekeeping: Grouping Time Cards
Timekeeping: Grouping Time Cards

How to Group time card entries.

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Users can group time card data by Employees or Cost Codes for more detailed review and entry. The grouped rows include total hours, which can help ensure users enter the correct hours when totaled by employees or cost codes.

To Group Time Cards

1. By default, the rows are not grouped. This is confirmed by the None selected on the drop-down menu towards the top left of the entry box.

2. Select None to open a drop-down list with the Employee and Cost Code grouping options.

3. After selecting a group option, Hours are totaled by Employee or Cost Code.

4. Selecting one of the grouped row values will expand the rows underneath.

5. The Add Row button is disabled while information is grouped and no rows are selected. When selecting one or more grouped rows, a blue taskbar appears at the top. This will allow the user to add a row without reselecting the grouped value.

6. Changing the grouping back to None shows that the employee selected while grouped is automatically selected for this new row. The same applies to adding rows while grouped by Cost Codes.

Users can always find more information on timekeeping at our Support Center.

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