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Timekeeping: Time Card Setup
Timekeeping: Time Card Setup

How to create a time card in Weekly View

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When logging into the Rhumbix Web App, users will automatically be taken to the Weekly View page under the Time Cards Dashboard. Here, the user creates time card entries by selecting the projects, workers, cost codes, hours, and shift extras.

How to Create a Time Card

1. Navigate to Time Cards and select the Weekly View Dashboard.

2. Users can modify and save filters (i.e., Date range, Projects, etc.) by clicking the Blue Filter Bar at the top of the page. Once a user has selected their filters in the right rail, click Apply.

3. Click + Create Time Card in the taskbar towards the top of the page. The Create a Time Card dialog box will open.

4. Here, users will fill out the required information for the time card, then click Continue.

  • Time Card Owner

  • Projects

  • Employees

  • Cost Codes

  • Shift Date

5. Another dialog box will open where users will see placeholder rows for each employee and Cost Code they just added. Users will add their hours here.

NOTE: The Placeholder rows are there to simplify the initial time entry. If no hours are entered for a row, it will be removed after the time card is created. Once hours are entered, the placeholder row will turn from gray to black as it becomes permanent.

6. Users can Group the rows by Employee or Cost Code.

7. Click Submit, and a confirmation message will appear. This summarizes the data users have entered and what will be submitted. Click Confirm.

8. The user will be taken back to Weekly View.

Time Card Owner

The user that creates and submits the time card(s). By default, the user currently creating the time card will be listed. Users can change the name listed by selecting from the drop-down list.


By default, projects will be limited to what the user has filtered in the right rail. If they want to select a project outside the filter, they can uncheck the “Apply Filters from Weekly View” box. Users can add additional projects from the drop-down list.


Any team member that a time card owner is responsible for submitting time for. Select employees from the drop-down list.

**Employees are listed alphabetically.

Cost Codes

By default, Cost Codes are listed alphabetically by project. Once a project is selected, only the Cost Codes assigned to that project will appear in the drop-down list.

Shift Date

By default, the current date is set on the time card. Users can click on the box to change the date and time and select a different date from the calendar.


Users can group time card data by Employees or Cost Codes for more detailed review and entry. The grouped rows include total hours, which can help ensure users enter the correct hours when totaled by employees or cost codes.

Users can read the Support Article for Grouping Time Cards for more information.

Assign Shift Extras and Absences

Once you have added the employees, cost codes, and hours, users can enter shift extras and absences, if applicable.

Users can read the Support Article Assigning Shift Extras and Absences for more information on assigning shift extras and absences.

Users can always find more information on timekeeping at our Support Center.

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