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Timekeeping: Modifiers

Manage TK Modifiers on Rhumbix Web Dashboard

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NOTE: This feature is not added to accounts automatically. A Point Person must contact the Company's Rhumbix Customer Service Manager to request this feature be turned on.

Timekeeping users can add modifiers to time cards that will allow them to track extra time card information. Users can split hours into buckets of time and decide what additional details to include. This guide will give users step-by-step instructions on how to manage modifiers on the Rhumbix Web Dashboard.

Creating and Adjusting Modifiers

There are three modifiers that come out of the box with Rhumbix, as well as the ability to create custom modifiers to fit your needs. The Equipment modifier pulls from your equipment list that you have in your project settings. The Trade and Classification modifiers are generated in the Picklists page under Company Settings. Any custom modifiers will also live in the Picklists page under Company Settings. To create a custom modifier, you must contact your Rhumbix Customer Service Manager. Once a custom modifier has been created it will show up in the Picklist page as well as your Timekeeping Modifiers page, both under Company Settings. Note: The Equipment Modifier will not show up under either pages in Company Settings because it automatically draws from your equipment list.

To adjust an existing modifier, an Admin user must navigate to the Picklists page under the Company Settings menu. Here, users will populate the modifier picklist with some possible values.

Click Modify next to a picklist option to add the values.

Click + Add Row and fill out the values

  • Name: Will appear on time cards.

  • Code: Available via the API and can be used for integrations

  • Status: Users can toggle to activate or deactivate the modifier. (**Modifiers can’t be deleted once they are created)

Trade & Classification Modifiers

Users can create a relationship between Trades and Classifications, where only predefined Classifications are available for a given Trade.

Only the related Classifications will be available as options when a given trade is selected in a time card entry.

Modifiers in Weekly View

Users will see a gear icon in Weekly View if a time card entry contains a modifier. Users can filter time entries containing Modifiers by using the Find Feature.

Modifiers are viewed as separate columns in a time card entry box. Here, Modifiers can be added and edited directly.

Project Specific Modifiers

Users can turn modifiers on/off per project. To do this you must go to Company Settings and select Timekeeping Modifiers.

From there you will see all of your modifiers and you can select "Manage Access".

When you select "Manage Access" the right rail will open up and you will have the ability to toggle modifiers on/off per project.

Users can always find more information about Timekeeping at our Support Center.

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