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Timekeeping: Modifiers

Manage TK Modifiers on Rhumbix Mobile App

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NOTE: This feature is not added to accounts automatically. A Point Person must contact the Company's Rhumbix Customer Service Manager to request this feature be turned on.

Timekeeping users can add modifiers to time cards that will allow them to track extra time card information. Users can split hours into buckets of time and decide what additional details to include. This guide will give users step-by-step instructions on how to manage modifiers on the Rhumbix Mobile App.

Modifiers on Mobile

Under the Time Card Setup tab, users can add modifiers for cost codes and employees.

If entering a Trade and Classification, users are required to enter a Trade first, followed by a Classification.

Users can also add modifiers to all employees by clicking BULK EDIT on the top right.

Modifiers that have been set up are available when filling out a time card. Users will see a copy of the hours for a cost code for each combination of modifiers.

Hours are entered as usual.

Users can change a modifier by clicking on it.

Users can add a modifier by clicking ACTIONS and selecting Add Modifier.

Modifiers are shown for each employee on the Time Card Summary screen.

Users can click on the modifiers to view an expanded list of what hours are assigned to each modifier.

NOTE: The picklist items from the Web Dashboard are cached for offline use in the Rhumbix Mobile App. Changes will be available to everybody after 60 minutes. Users will need to refresh the offline data to see changes before then.

Users can always find more information about Timekeeping at our Support Center.

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