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Timekeeping: Shift & Breaks

Managing Shift & Breaks on Web Dashboard

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Timekeeping users can easily track start and end times for shifts, meals, and breaks within time cards. This quick-start guide will introduce users to managing shift and break start and end time entries for the Rhumbix Web App.

How to Add Shifts & Breaks

Once a time card is set up on the web dashboard, users can add start and end times for the shift and any breaks taken.

From the time card entry dialog box, click the Shifts and Breaks tab.

Click + Add Row.

Add the Time Card Owner, type, start, and end times by double-clicking on each respective text box.

The duration for each entry will automatically fill in the Duration column.

The Status will default to Not Approved.

Time Card Owner: The user who enters and submits the time card.

Type: Users can select Shift, Break, or Meal.

**Users must add an entry for the Shift before adding any breaks or meals. If a break or meal is added before a shift, the cells will turn red and can’t be saved.

** Breaks and Meals Start/Stop time MUST fall within the Start/Stop time entered for the added Shift.

Start/Stop Times: Selected using the date/time calendar selector.

Duration: Automatically entered after selecting the Start/Stop times.

Status: Default is set to Not Approved.

After entering all required Shift information, users will click Submit.

A confirmation message will be displayed asking users to confirm the information being submitted. Click Confirm.

An icon indicating a shift has been added will be displayed on the Weekly View time card.

Users can always find more information on timekeeping at our Support Center.

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