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Timekeeping: Text-to-Sign

Managing Text-to-Sign on Web Dashboard

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Getting employees set up on text-to-sign is simple! Any time card owner can sign up an employee to receive texts from Rhumbix, which makes the time card signing process smoother and quicker for users.

Setting up Text-to-Sign on Web

When adding a new Team Member to a Rhumbix account, Admins can add a phone number to the Team Member’s information (This is required for Foreman users).

Once a phone number is added to a Team Member’s information, the employee can be set up to receive their time cards through SMS text messages. This must be done on the Mobile App.

Sending Signature Requests

Navigate to Weekly View under Time Cards.

Select a time card from the weekly view to activate the yellow taskbar at the top of the screen.

Click Request Daily Signature at the top right of the screen.

The employee will receive an SMS text message with the link to sign their time card.

The employee must click the link to open the signature flow.

The link will open the employee identification screen. Employees must confirm their identity by clicking SIGN TIME CARD on the next screen. Otherwise, they can click CANCEL to exit.

The Signature Summary screen will display the employee’s total hours worked for the selected day or week under Shift Summary, End-of-Day Questions (if applicable), and Shifts and Breaks information (if enabled).

The employee can select Draw or Type and sign their time card. Employees can click Clear Signature to start over if they need to redo their signature.

Click SIGN TIME CARD to submit the signed time card.

After signing and submitting the time card, users can download the signature to their device by clicking DOWNLOAD SIGNATURE.

Users can always find more information on timekeeping at our Support Center.

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