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Managing Toolbox Talk Forms
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With our latest addition of Toolbox Talk Form Hierarchy (i.e. - hundreds of toolbox talks to select from) we will show you how to manage these forms so that your crews are all selecting the right form for the week. Let's dive in!

First you need to have this feature added to your account. If you are interested in this, then please contact your Rhumbix Professional Services Representative or your Account Manager. We can then help you curate the forms that you would like to use. We have multiple forms categories to select from (Chemical, Crane, Electrical, Equipment, Fire, General, Health, PPE, Slips Trips and Falls, Tools, Vehicle, and Weather). Within these categories we have many options to choose from in both English and Spanish.

Here is what the Hierarchy looks like in your account. This is found in the Field Forms section on the left of the screen.

Once this list has been selected and turned on in your account, you will need to select which talk to make available to your crew.

To do this, go to the Company Settings > Field Forms page.

Find the Toolbox Talk that you want to enable for your crew and click "Manage Access"

From here you have the option to turn this form on for individual projects or groups of projects. Select the project or groups of projects you wish to grant access to this form.

When you are done using this specific Toolbox Talk, be sure to go back and turn this form OFF for all projects to ensure that no employees have access to this form moving forward. You can always turn this back on for future use but we want to make sure that nobody is creating the wrong form on accident.

To switch to a new Toolbox Talk form with a new subject, you simply find that form as shown above and select the projects or groups of projects you wish to add to that new form, and you are good to go!

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to your Professional Services Consultant or you can always email us at

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