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  • Make sure you have previously configured your RookLeague, you have an active account and a stable internet connection.

  • Your users must be registered in your RookLeague to join your remote classes. From your RookMotion app, by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, find the name of your Center and click on "Enroll". Once your users complete this step, you will be able to accept their requests. If you want to know how to do it step by step, click here.

  • Remember to have configured the administrator and trainer roles in your RookLeague beforehand.

  1. Select Rooms > RookRemote in the left menu.

  2. Select "Create room"

  3. Enter the name of the room and select a Coach, then set it to "Active" status. Tap "Add Room". In case you do not know how to create a trainer, click here.

  4. Click "Go to Session" to open your RookRemote room

  5. Select "Configure room"

  6. Select the type of training and the duration of the session. If you want to limit the capacity of your room, select "Limited" capacity option and enter the maximum number of users that may connect to the room. Set the waiting time (time for your users to connect and enter the room and that will not be part of the training duration you set above). Now, select in which order you want to view your users on the screen ( per calories / intensity zone / jumps/steps). Finally, click on "Start".

  7. Ask your users to join your RookRemote room.

    1. Your users must open their RookMotion app (previously logged in)

    2. Click on "Start Training".

    3. Go to the "Rookremote Rooms" section.

    4. With its sensor previously linked, your users will have to select the correct discipline / virtual room. Your RookRemote room will have the name of your center followed by the discipline you selected when setting up the room.

    5. Done! Your users are ready to start training.

  8. To end the session before the established time, click on the "Stop" button.

  9. To reset the dashboard click "Reset".

  10. Enjoy the incredible experience of remote group classes, as if you were there!


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