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Merge a Reviewed Word (.docx) File

Comments and Tracked Changes from Word (.docx) files may be merged into your Rowan Patents (.rp) drafts

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The following topics are covered in this article:

  • Merge in Review Content

  • Comments and Tracked Changes that Can’t Be Merged

  • Rowan Patents Standalone Reviewing Tool

Merge in Review Content

To merge review content (comments and tracked changes) from a Word (.docx) file into your Rowan (.rp) draft, follow the steps below.

NOTE: The Rowan drafting tool looks for comments and changes made using the standard review features of Word. Be sure your reviewers are making changes with Track Changes turned on and are using the built-in commenting function. If the text of the word file (excepting tracked changes) does not align with the text in the target .rp file, review content may be misplaced or impossible to import.

  1. Drag and drop your reviewed Word file onto a Rowan Patents window, or select Merge Content from the File menu. You will receive the dialog below.

  2. Click Merge In to merge only the comments and suggested edits into the existing content. (If you wish to merge the text and not review content, click the "click here" control.)

  3. Review content that may be merged in will appear as highlighting, comments, and suggestions in your Rowan Patents file.

  4. Address your review content by navigating among comments, replying to comments, deleting comments, navigating among suggestions, and accepting or rejecting suggestions. You can also add your own highlighting and comments, and enter Suggesting Mode to mark up your own text suggestions in the Integrated Drafting Environment.

Comments and Tracked Changes that Can’t Be Merged

If changes are made to content in the original file after exporting the Word document, or the Word content is changed from what is in the .rp file without change tracking, Rowan Patents may have trouble merging some comments or suggested edits back into the file.

In this case, you will get a dialogue notifying you that some reviewer comments could not be merged. You can download a new Word document with just the comments and suggestions that weren't merged.

Rowan Patents Standalone Reviewing Tool

Rowan offers a stand-alone reviewing tool that allows you to review .rp and .tp files in a browser-based environment. You can learn more about that here.

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