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Quickly Navigate across Your Application

Your applications can carry so much information, so we give you two ways to find exactly the section you're looking for.

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This article covers the following topics:

  • Left-hand Navigation Sidebar Introduction

  • Navigation by Section

  • Navigation by Headings

  • Figure Description and Preview Navigation

Left-hand Navigation Sidebar Introduction

Rowan Patents includes navigation links in the application window's left-hand sidebar to let you navigate quickly across your application, no matter how long it gets.

  1. Click the dropdown at the top of the sidebar.

  2. Select either Sections and Headings for the navigation experience you want. (Sections is selected by default.)

Navigate by Sections

  1. Select the Sections option, if not already selected.

  2. Navigate to a desired section by clicking that section's listing to the left.

    Listings for figure-related sections and claims are grouped and independently collapsible to facilitate navigating applications with large numbers of figures or claims.

  3. Click the "-" symbol at the top-left of a group to collapse it.

  4. Click the "+" symbol to re-expand a collapsed group.

    Sections can be created, deleted, reordered, and renamed to suit your application, and your changes will be reflected in the navigation pane.

Navigate by Headings

  1. Select the "Headings" option in the navigation sidebar. Application text with a headings style applied will appear as a clickable option.

    See Create Application Headings for more information on applying heading styles.

  2. Click the heading you wish to navigate to.

  3. Click the arrow control to the left of the group to expand or collapse nested heading listings.

Figure Description and Preview Navigation

  1. Locate the navigation link above the figure brief description section, detailed description section, or preview.

  2. Click the link to navigate to the linked section as follows:

    1. The links above the brief description section and detailed description section for a figure will take you to the preview for that figure at the bottom of the main application window.

    2. The link above the preview for a figure will take you to the detailed description section for that figure.

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