Claims and Specification

Effectively draft claims and specifications in Rowan Patents using Terms, a key Rowan data object

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Draft Claims
Select Claims
Duplicate Claims
Change Claim Dependency
Reorder Claims
Transform Method Claims to Apparatus/CRM Claims
Generate a Flowchart from Method Claim(s)
Generate a Claim Summary
Elaborate on a Claimed Feature
Adjust Claim Element Indentation
Delete Claims
Open the Terms Manager
Import a Terms List
Reuse Individual Terms and Other Managed Data Objects
Find and Tag Terms Automatically
Identify Individual Terms
Edit Terms and Their Plural Forms
Define a Term
Flag Key Terms and Definitions
Merge Redundant Terms Together
Delete a Term
Remove All Terms
Use Terms in Application Text
Insert a Glossary in the Specification
Insert All Definitions after First Instance of Term
Use an Individual Definition in Application Text
View Portions of Your Application Side-by-Side
Adjust Window Size
Adjust Window Zoom
Find Text in Your Application
Search and Replace Text in Your Application
Quickly Navigate across Your Application
Create Application Headings
Add a Specification Section
Rename a Specification Section
Add and Remove Page Breaks Between Specification Sections
Change Specification Section Page Orientation
Reorder Specification Sections
Delete a Specification Section
Apply Application Styles
Format Application Text
Remove or Apply Paragraph Numbers
Change Paragraph Alignment
Format Lists in the Specification and Claims
Apply Multi-Column Formatting in Your Specification
Insert and Adjust an Image within Application Text
Insert and Adjust a Table within Application Text
Insert and Adjust a Mathematical or Chemical Expression within Application Text
Insert a Special Character in Application Text
Insert Claim Language and References in the Specification
Create and Use Auto Text Shortcuts
Auto-Generate a Figure Description
Insert Part and Figure References into an Application
Insert a Parts List into an Application
Renumber Parts Based on Specification Order
Write an Abstract
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