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Merge Existing Word Matter

Content in .docx files can be imported or merged into your .rp files at any time, making it easy to reuse your existing boilerplate content.

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This article covers the following topics:

  • Drag and Drop to Merge

  • Merge Dialog

  • What does Rowan do with My Word Text?

Drag and Drop to Merge

  1. Locate your Word content file (.docx) in your operating system's file exploration interface.

  2. Drag and drop the file onto an open Rowan Patents window.


  3. Review/adjust merge content selections in the dialog presented and click "Merge In". Your content will be added at the end of appropriate application sections.

    Guidance on what will be brought in for each option is provided in the dialog.

  4. If Rowan Patents detects comments or tracked changes in your source Word file, the dialog below will be offered first. Click the "click here" link and procede as above.

    Additional articles are available on merging in review content from word files and providing styling templates.

Merge Dialog

  1. Select the Merge Content option under the File menu from any window.

  2. Drag and drop your desired file onto the drop target and continue as shown above

    OR click the Select File button.

  3. Select your desired file through your operating system's dialog and continue as shown above.

What does Rowan do with My Word Text?

  • Text from Word will be analyzed to determine where it fits in the structure of a patent.

    Headings like "Background", "Detailed Description", and "Claims" will be used to determine which Rowan Patents .rp file section the text should be placed in. Figure references will be used to infer the existence of figures, and corresponding figure sections will be generated and populated. Figure references will be tagged to correspond with figures populated in the Drawing Tool, and will be kept up to date if figures are subsequently reordered.

    Care will be taken to avoid changing the order in which your Word text paragraphs appear relative to each other, though their text may be fitted into non-adjacent parts of the Rowan patent application structure depending on what may already be populated in your file.

  • Word text will be examined for numbered claims.

    Claim numbering and claim number references will be used to transform claim text from Word into Claims sections in your .rp file. Imported claims can thus be seamlessly populated after your existing .rp claims with proper numbering and dependency references.

  • Text will be analyzed for part references, definitions, and defined terms.

    These items will be used to create part, definition, and term data objects in your Rowan file. The corresponding text will be tagged as part, definition, and term data objects, which are available for management and validation using the related Rowan Patents functionality.

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