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Change Claim Dependency

We use data objects to indicate single or mutiple claim dependencey. Make your changes as needed. We'll take care of consistency.

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Claim dependence references are included in the we automatically generate as you draft your claims. We make our best guess on which claim to reference, but when you need to make changes, you can do so very easily.

This article covers the following topics:

  • Retype a Single Claim Reference

  • Click for the Dependency Selector

  • Make Changes in the Claim Tree Tool

  • Quickly Reuse Dependency References

Retype a Single Claim Reference

  1. Place your cursor at the end of the claim dependency reference you want to change.

  2. Press your keyboard's Backspace key to delete the referenced claim number.

  3. Begin typing your desired reference.

  4. Select the desired claim from the dropdown offered OR type the entire reference manually and hit space.

    The newly referenced claim will be included as tagged data object, and will automatically updated if parent claims are reordered.

Click for the Dependency Selector

  1. Click on the claim dependency reference you want to change.

  2. Click on the options offered in the resulting popup control to select and deselect dependency. (Independent claims are indicated as circles for easy reference.)

    To select a range of claims to depend from, press Shift and click the first claim in the range, then, while pressing shift, click the last claim in the range.

  3. Click anywhere outside the popup to close it.

Make Changes in the Claim Tree Tool

  1. Click the Tools button in the toolbar and navigate to the Claim Tree tab if needed

    OR Open the Claim Tree from the Tools menu.

  2. Click the Parent Claims edit pencil or the Child Claims edit pencil that appear when you hover over a desired claim.

  3. Use the dependency selector popup as above to change dependency for the desired claim.

    Note that Parent Claims settings control where the highlighted claim depends from and Child Claims settings control which claims depend from the highlighted claim.

Quickly Reuse Dependency References

If you have a claim with dependency set up the way you want, and you wish to reuse that reference in another claim, simply copy the dependency reference data object (highlighted gray) from your source and paste it where desired in your target claim.

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