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Reuse Individual Terms and Other Managed Data Objects

Here's how to merge individual data objects like terms, Markush groups, etc., from one .rp file into another without merging all content.

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When one Rowan .rp file is merged into another, all managed data objects, such as:

  • Terms,

  • Sequences,

  • R-groups (Markush groups), and

  • Compounds,

in the source file are automatically brought into the target file.

Follow the steps below to merge only a few individual data objects.

  1. Open your source file and your target file.

  2. Open the manager for your data objects from the Tools Menu in both files.

  3. Click and drag the listing of your desired data object in the source file manager, and drop it onto the manager in your target document.

  4. You can undo your move immediately, and you can edit, delete, define, or otherwise modify the data object in your target document as desired using the controls provided.

    No link is maintained to the source object; changes in the target document will not be reflected in the source.

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