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Create Application Headings

We get you started in new applications with some standard sections and headings, but you can easily add headings of your own. Here's how.

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This article covers the following topics:

  • Changing/Removing Existing Headings

  • Adding New Headings

  • Apply Heading Styles from the Specification Menu

  • More on Headings and Sections in Rowan Patents

Changing/Removing Existing Headings

  1. Click on or select the existing heading you wish to change.

  2. Backspace and delete as needed.

  3. Type the text you want in that heading location as needed.

    For example, to change the "BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE SEVERAL VIEWS OF THE DRAWINGS" heading to "BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS", simple select and delete the unwanted text.

  4. If necessary, apply or reapply a desired heading style using the Font style dropdown in the toolbar.

Adding New Headings

  1. Place your cursor where you want your heading.

  2. Type your desired heading text.

  3. Select your text and apply the desired heading style using the Font style dropdown in the tool bar.

Apply Heading Styles from the Specification Menu

You can also use the Specification > Format dropdown to apply font styling, as shown below.

More on Headings and Sections in Rowan Patents

In Word, headings are used to logically subdivide your patent application text for improved readability. That is exactly how Rowan Patents headings are used, and on export to Word from Rowan, heading text in your application will be styled as shown in our integrated drafting environment, or can be customized to meet your needs. Also similar to controls offered in Word, headings can be used to quickly navigate across large applications.

What Rowan Patents offers that you won't find in Word is the added modular structure of application sections. Our sections provide an additional navigation option. They also allow Rowan Patents to support complete consistency throughout the revision process, with minimal action on your part.

For example, our sections simplify the actions needed to include landscape-oriented information in the middle of your application. In Word, this requires section breaks to be created before page orientation can be applied. In Rowan, we make adding sections easy, then landscape orientation is two mouse clicks away.

In addition, creating a figure automatically populates sections for that figure's brief and detailed descriptions. Working in a specific figure's section lets us do a little of the drafting for you if you like when you generate a figure description. More importantly, these sections let us do a LOT of the work for you if you decide you want to reorder your figures. You can do that quickly and easily in the drawing tool, with complete assurance that we will handle the appropriate reordering of text in your specification.

While headings export from Rowan to Word, it's important to remember that none of the data on section divisions is included in an exported Word file. Rowan Patents sections are purely in-environment features that facilitate and speed up drafting tasks that can require tedious selection/copy/paste actions in Word, reducing drafting time and the opportunity for error. However, if you delete all of the text in a Rowan Patents section, absolutely nothing will appear in an exported Word file to let you know that section exists.

Additional articles provide instructions on adding, renaming, changing the page orientation of, adding page breaks between, reordering, and deleting specification sections.

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