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Move Figures to Other Sheets

Cutting and pasting a figure disrupts references already created in the description. Use these controls to move figures without this issue.

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  1. Navigate to the desired existing figure.

  2. Click the desired Move Figure to option under the menu available above a thumbnail in the Sheets panel or the Figure Info controls in either the toolbar or the right-hand sidebar to relocate the figure to a different sheet.

    If an option is grayed out, it is not available based on the selected figure's order in a subnumbered figure set and/or on its current sheet.

  3. The figure will be moved to a previous, next, or new sheet as selected.

    Note that the figure will appear in the same location on its new sheet as on its earlier sheet. As a best practice, check the desired target sheet in advance and move existing elements to a location that will not conflict with the moved figure.

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