Drawing Figures

Create figures that fully integrate with your application text for guaranteed consistency across revisions

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Open the Drawing Tool
Navigate to a Specific Figure
Merge Rowan Patents Figures into a Different Rowan File
Import Visio Drawings
Import PDF Drawings
Import Drawings from Patent Publications
Add a Figure from Markdown Code
Add a New Figure
Import a Background Image
Crop Imported Image
Lock Elements to the Drawing Canvas
Stamp Identical Stencils
Rotate Drawing Sheet Orientation
Adjust Drawing Canvas Zoom
Use and Adjust Canvas Grid and Guides
Subnumber Figures
Reorder Figure Sheets
Move Figures to Other Sheets
Export Drawing Sheet(s) as a New .rp File
Delete a Figure or Sheet
Create New Parts
Select Autonumbering Mode for Parts
Change Part Autonumbering Increment
Select Manual Numbering Mode for Parts
Create a Figure (X00) Part
Select Multiple Parts
Reorder Parts and Move Parts to a Different Figure
Subnumber Parts
Convert a Part Name to a Term
Edit Part Name Pluralization
Delete Parts
Add Elements to a Drawing Canvas
Select Stencils and Connector Lines
Move Stencils Around the Drawing Canvas
Assign/Remove Part Data and Labels for a Figure Element
Adjust Stencil Part Number Placement
Adjust Text Case and Alignment
Change Stencil to a Different Stencil Type
Modify a Stencil's Shape
Import a Drawing Stencil
Adjust Stencil Styles
Resize Stencils
Rotate Stencils and Stencil Text
Align and Distribute Stencils
Change Overlap Order of Elements on the Drawing Canvas
Group Stencils
Adjust Connector Line Styles
Adjust Connector Line Routing
Create Flowchart Steps from Stencils
Create Flowchart Steps from the Claims Panel
Add a Flowchart Step Description
Add a Flowchart Step Component
Adjust Used Element Highlighting in the Drawing Tool Claims Panel
Remove/Apply Layout-Based Flowchart Numbering
Add a Mathematical Expression to a Figure
Add a Table to a Figure
Delete a Stencil or Connector Line
Merge Parts
Install the Drawing Tool Font Locally