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Delete a Specification Section
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This article covers the following topics:

  • How to Delete a Section

  • Sections that Cannot Be Deleted This Way

How to Delete a Section

  1. Hover over or click on the section you wish to delete.

  2. Click the section menu icon revealed to the upper-right.

    Note that for sections that cannot be deleted this menu icon will not appear. See additional details below.

  3. Select "Delete section" from the section menu.

  4. Click the "Delete" button in the resulting confirmation dialog.

  5. Your section will be removed from your application.

Sections that Cannot Be Deleted This Way

Note that Title, Docket Number, and Abstract section fields cannot be deleted, but may be left blank to omit them in the exported output if desired.

FIG. sections are deleted only when their corresponding figures are deleted.

Claim fields are removed when claims are deleted, but an empty claim 1 field will be preserved for easy entry of new claims.

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