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Add a ChemDraw Molecular Drawing from Word

If you already have your molecular drawings in a Word .docx document, bringing them into Rowan Patents is easy.

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  1. Open your .docx file in your Word application.

  2. Select and copy the molecular drawing(s) (and additional text if desired) in your .docx file.

  3. Place your cursor in the Rowan Patents application window where you wish to add the copied molecule(s).

  4. Paste the copied molecule data at your cursor location using Ctrl-V/Cmd-V or the Edit menu Paste option.

  5. The molecule(s) will be displayed in .svg format but remain editable in the ChemDraw Tool.

    Note that you can also open your .docx file in Rowan Patents, or merge in Word content, to bring ChemDraw molecular drawings stored in Word into Rowan Patents.

  6. If your molecular drawing contains Markush group labels, Rowan Patents can identify these and help you define and track them.

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