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Manage Sequences, Compounds, Markush groups, and more, within Rowan for guaranteed consistency across revisions

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Open the Sequences Manager
Import Large Molecule Sequences from a Spreadsheet
Import Large Molecule Sequences from an PatentIn/WIPO ST.25 Text Sequence Listing
Import Large Molecule Sequences from a FASTA/FASTQ File
Create an Individual Large Molecule Sequence
Edit a Large Molecule Sequence
Describe a Large Molecule Sequence
Flag Key Sequences
Delete a Large Molecule Sequence
Insert Sequence Data into an Application
Remove All Sequences
Set Sequence Format
Export a Sequence Listing
Reorder Sequences
Create a Subsequence from a Sequence
Open the Compounds Manager
Import Small Molecule Compounds from a Spreadsheet
Create an Individual Small Molecule Compound
Edit a Small Molecule Compound
Describe a Compound
Flag Key Compounds
Delete a Compound
Remove All Compounds
Reorder Compounds
Change Prefix from "Compound" to "Example"
Insert Compound Information into an Application
Add a Molecular Drawing from ChemDraw
Add a Molecular Drawing with the Integrated ChemDraw Tool
Add a ChemDraw Molecular Drawing from Word
Copy a Molecule from ChemDraw as CDXML Text
Edit a ChemDraw Molecular Drawing
Delete a ChemDraw Molecular Drawing
Add a Molecular Drawing from BIOVIA Draw
Add a BIOVIA Draw Molecular Drawing from Word
Edit a BIOVIA Draw Molecular Drawing
Delete a BIOVIA Draw Molecular Drawing
Open the R-Groups Manager
Add R-Groups (Markush Groups) from Editable Molecular Drawings
Create an Individual R-Group (Markush Group)
Edit an R-Group (Markush Group)
Describe an R-Group (Markush Group)
Flag Key R-Groups and Key R-Group Descriptions
Merge R-Groups
Delete an R-Group (Markush Group)
Delete an R-Group Description
Remove All R-Groups (Markush Groups)
Reorder R-Group Descriptions
Insert Text Describing a Range of Values
Insert Text Describing a Combination of Items
Quickly Generate Table Content