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Import a Drawing Stencil

Rowan Patents comes with 150+ built-in stencils for use in your drawings, but you can also import your own as .jpeg, .png, and .svg images.

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  1. Open the Drawing Tool and create or navigate to a desired figure.

  2. Locate your desired stencil image (.svg, .jpg, or .png) file in your operating system file explorer and drag it onto your drawing canvas

  3. Alternately, select the Image Stencil (JPG, PNG, SVG) option from the Import dropdown in the toolbar or Drawing menu


    Drag and drop the Image Import stencil from the Special Elements group in the Stencils panel in the Drawing Tool left-hand sidebar onto the drawing canvas.


    Use the resulting dialog to drag and drop or browse to the desired image.

  4. Your image will be inserted as a numbered element, and can be named, copied, pasted, connected, resized, etc. as any other stencil.

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