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Import Visio Drawings

If you already have or expect to receive your drawings in Visio files, you can still take advantage of the benefits Rowan Patents provides

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  1. Open the Drawing Tool.

  2. Select the From File (.pdf or .vsdx) option under the Import dropdown control in the toolbar or under the Drawing menu.

  3. Drag and drop or browse for the file you wish to convert in the resulting dialog.

  4. Each tab of your Visio file will import as a new sheet at the end of your current set of figures. If multiple figures are labeled on a tab, they will import as consecutively numbered figures on one sheet.

  5. Reorder your sheets if desired.

    We have made every effort to preserve existing drawing work during import, including connecting line and border styling, part naming, and where possible, part numbering.

    However, the complexities of providing a third-party integration mean that imported Visio elements may not always translate to the Rowan element you want, and changes or updates in Visio encoding may disrupt our ability to correctly display some styles.

    We encourage you to closely review imported drawings. If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through the Rowan Help menu, by contacting your Rowan Account Manager, or by emailing us at, so that we can work with you to improve your Visio import experience in every way.

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