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Merge Redundant Terms Together
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  1. Open the Terms Manager.

  2. Locate the entries for your redundant terms in the left-hand sidebar listing.

  3. Click and drag the term you wish to eliminate, and drop it onto the term you wish to keep.

  4. If these terms include conflicting definitions, review the dialog presented to determine which definition to keep and click the Merge button to confirm.

  5. Instances of your eliminated term (e.g., "cloud-based storage" in the example pictured) will be replaced by your target term (e.g., "cloud storage") throughout your application.

    Terms may also be edited, and the resulting changes will be reflected throughout your application. However, note that terms may be nested or contain identical text strings. In some cases, merging terms may help circumvent textual redundancies that may crop up if a term is edited to resemble another, or editing may prevent issues merging may cause. For this reason, we recommend you consider your entire terms list when making these changes, and choose the method that best suits your needs.

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