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Create Flowchart Steps from Stencils

Use flowchart stencils and their additional controls to quickly create flowchart steps.

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  1. Open the Drawing Tool and, if needed, add a new figure on an existing sheet or on a new sheet.

  2. Click the Stencils icon to expand the Stencils panel in the left-hand sidebar.

  3. Click and drag a Flowchart Elements stencil onto the canvas.

  4. Drag additional flowchart stencils and connect them with connector lines as desired OR click the blue arrows around a selected stencil to populate additional, connected stencils of the same type above, below, or to the left or right of the selected stencil.

  5. Use the stencil edit control as needed to change the type of flowchart element shown for each step.

  6. For each element, locate the Element Info controls in the toolbar or right-hand sidebar, or double-click the stencil, and type your desired step descriptions as the stencils' labels

    (For more on modifying Element Info fields, see Assign/remove a part number, part name, and label for a stencil or connector line.)


    Select and copy text from the Claims panel using the Copy Selected Text control, then paste it into the desired label field(s). Copied text will be highlighted in the claims panel to help you keep track of what you've added.

  7. Include additional descriptions and a component for each step as desired to provide an enriched autogenerated description.

  8. Type or autogenerate a figure description in the specification section for your flowchart figure. An autogenerated description will incorporate the block number and descriptive label for each step in a separate paragraph.

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