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Navigate to a Specific Figure

Move easily from one figure to another in the Drawing Tool

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This article covers the following topics:

  • Footer Navigation

  • Sheets Panel Navigation

  • Main Application Window Navigation

Footer Navigation

  1. Click the number for your desired figure among the navigation links in the Drawing Tool window footer.

    Hovering over a number in the footer listing will cause a preview thumbnail to appear.

  2. If the desired figure number isn't visible, use the arrows to the left to navigate along the listing in the footer.

Sheets Panel Navigation

  1. Click the Sheets panel option in the left-hand sidebar.

  2. Scroll if needed to locate the desired sheet/figure.

  3. Click a thumbnail to bring the displayed sheet to the drawing canvas


    Click a figure number to bring the sheet for that figure to the drawing canvas with the figure in focus.

Main Application Window Navigation

You can also open a specific figure by navigating to and clicking its preview in the main application window.

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