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Delete a Figure or Sheet

How to remove a figure you no longer need.

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Note that deleting a figure will also delete the corresponding sections in the specification. If you wish to delete a figure but keep its descriptive text, take steps to preserve that text before deleting the figure.

This article covers the following topics:

  • Simple Delete Operation

  • Other Ways to Delete a Figure

Simple Delete Operation

  1. Open the drawing tool and navigate to the figure you wish to delete.

  2. Click the FIG. # label for that figure.

  3. Click the trashbin icon to the upper-right of the FIG. # label.

  4. A confirmation dialog is presented, as this operation deletes the description section as well as the figure, and cannot be undone.

  5. Click the Delete Figure and Description button.

  6. The figure and its specification sections will be removed. All figure and part renumbering will be performed automatically throughout your entire application.

Other Ways to Delete Figures

One or more figures/sheets can be selected in the Sheets panel and deleted individually or altogether.

A figure in focus on the drawing canvas or an entire displayed drawing sheet can be deleted from the Sheets and Figures dropdown in the toolbar or from the Drawing menu.

Figures/sheets can also be deleted while in the sheet sorter view.

Note that deleting a sheet may delete multiple figures. In this case, the confirmation dialog will list the figures you're potentially deleting along with their specification sections.

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