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Add a Molecular Drawing with the Integrated ChemDraw Tool

ChemDraw users can access the Rowan Patents Integrated ChemDraw Tool for additional ChemDraw support.

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  1. Place your cursor in the Rowan Patents application window where you wish to add your molecule drawing(s).

  2. Open the Rowan integrated ChemDraw Tool from the Tools menu.

  3. Use the tools provided to draw your desired molecule(s).


    Copy a molecule from ChemDraw as CDXML text and paste the copied data into the integrated ChemDraw tool.

  4. Once your molecular drawing is complete, click the Insert all into Spec button provided at the lower left-hand corner of the window.

    A checkbox is provided allowing you to instruct the tool to detect Markush groups as drawings are inserted into your application.

  5. The molecule(s) will be displayed in .svg format but will remain editable in the ChemDraw Tool.

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