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Use Terms in Application Text
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This article covers the following topics:

  • Autocompletion as You Type

  • Insertion from the Right-Hand Sidebar

  • Including Terms in Figures

  • Term Revision Syncing

  • Now What?

Autocompletion as You Type

  1. Begin typing your term.

  2. Click to select from the options provided in the auto-complete menu presented to insert that option as a term data object


    Press your keyboard arrow and Enter keys to select and insert an auto-complete option as a term data object


    Finish typing your term and press Space, comma, period, etc.

  3. Your typed text will be tagged as a term data object.

Insertion from the Right-Hand Sidebar

  1. Place your cursor in the desired location in your claims or specification.

  2. Click the dictionary icon to expand the Terms panel in the right-hand sidebar.

  3. Click the term text where it's listed in the Terms panel.

  4. Your term will be inserted at your cursor location as a tagged term data object.

Including Terms in Figures

  1. In the Drawing Tool, select or create a numbered stencil representing your term.

  2. Enter the term as the stencil's Part Name, and ensure it is tagged as a term data object (highlighted gray).

Term Revision Syncing

  1. To change a term as it appears throughout your application, open the Terms Manager.

  2. Edit the term in the Terms Manager.

  3. All tagged instances of the term will be updated throughout your claims, figures, specification, and definitions.

Now What?

Before you export your application for filing, you can use the Consistency Review tool to confirm you've supported your terms, and therefore your novel claimed elements in your application.

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