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Use an Individual Definition in Application Text
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This article covers the following topics:

  • Inserting a Definition from a Term's Context Menu

  • Inserting a Definition from a Right Hand Sidebar

  • Definition Auto-Syncing

  • Other Definition Insertion Options

Inserting a Definition from a Term's Context Menu

  1. Locate an instance of a term that you wish to define.

  2. Right+click the term.

  3. Select the Insert Definition option from the resulting context menu.

  4. The definition will be inserted directly after the sentence containing the term.

Inserting a Definition from a Right-Hand Sidebar

  1. Place your cursor where you wish to insert the definition.

  2. Click the dictionary icon to open the Terms panel in the right-hand sidebar.

  3. Locate the desired term and click the arrow beside it to insert its definition at your cursor location.

Definition Auto-Syncing

Note that all changes made to definitions using the Terms Manager are automatically reflected across your entire application.

  1. If you type a change to the auto-synched definition in your application, the definition will be highlighted as out of sync with the Terms Manager version.

  2. The menu provided while your cursor is within the auto-synched text will allow you to:

    1. Re-Sync from the Terms Manager, undoing your change

    2. Sync edits to the Terms Manager, storing your updates and reflecting them across your application

    3. Leave the text as is and ignore synchronization going forward, untagging your text, or

    4. Delete the synched text, removing your text altogether.

Other Definition Insertion Options

There are also two ways to insert all existing definitions at once:

  • Insert a Glossary - Inserts all definitions in alphabetical order at your cursor location.

  • Insert All Definitions - Inserts each definition after the sentence containing the first instance of each term.

These options are available under the Terms menu in the main application window.

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