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Insert and Adjust a Mathematical or Chemical Expression within Application Text

Mathematical and chemical expressions can be inserted in your claims and specification using a built-in MathType interface. Here's how.

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  1. Place your cursor at the point in your text where you wish to insert a mathematical or chemical expression.

  2. Select the type of expression you want and the alignment you want to use for that expression from the Specification > Insert menu or the toolbar control.

    Inline alignment will include your expression in the current line or paragraph of text. Standalone alignment will include your expression as its own unnumbered, centered paragraph.

  3. Use the resulting MathType editor to enter your expression by typing letters and symbols available on your keyboard or clicking to select additional symbology presented in MathType.

    Note that MathType is a third-party plug-in. We'll be happy to help you with any trouble you have, and pass any bugs you find on to MathType, but performing a web search for MathType help may provide additional information when needed.

  4. Click Insert to place your expression at your cursor location in your claims or specification.

  5. Your expression will be inserted, and can be adjusted using the controls provided when your expression is selected, or your cursor is located immediately after your expression.

  6. To make adjustments to your expression, double-click it to bring up the MathType editor again.

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