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Insert a Parts List into an Application

Follow these steps to include all of your figure elements in your specification as a single, auto-synced parts list.

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  1. Place your cursor at the point in your specification where you want your parts list to go.

  2. Click the square building block icon to expand the Parts panel in the right-hand sidebar.

  3. Click the Insert Parts List link at the top of the Parts panel.

  4. A linked listing of all parts with their numbers and names will be inserted at your cursor location, sorted by number.

    Changes made in the Drawing Tool will be applied to this parts list.

  5. Should something cause the parts list to be out-of-sync, it will be highlighted pink.

    Clicking within the parts list text will provide the following re-syncing options:

    1. Re-Sync from the Parts List - Updates the parts list in your specification based on data from the Drawing Tool

    2. Ignore Parts List Sync - Leaves parts list as is and removes synchronization tagging, converting list to plain text.

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