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Create and Use Auto Text Shortcuts

Include commonly used phrases in your application with minimal typing by leveraging our included shortcuts, or by creating your own.

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  1. Click the Tools button in the toolbar and navigate to the Settings tab if needed

    OR Select the Settings option from the Tools menu at the top of your Rowan Patents window.

  2. Scroll down or click the Autocomplete option in the left-hand sidebar to display the Auto Text interface.

    Review the default options provided to learn how you can already save yourself time and typing.

  3. Click the +Add Entry control to the upper right of the auto text list.

  4. In the dialog presented, type a few easily remembered characters to use as your auto text shortcut.

  5. Type or paste in the phrase you wish to be inserted when you use the shortcut.

    Include "{#}" in both shortcut and phrase where you would like to use the shortcut to insert a reference to a numbered application element, such as a figure.

  6. Click the Save button.

    Your saved shortcut will be available for use across all of your Rowan Patents files.

  7. Use the edit and delete controls displayed for each entry on hover to update or remove a shortcut and auto text.

  8. To use your shortcut, type your shortcut text in your application, followed by a space.

  9. Your shortcut will be replaced by the corresponding phrase.

    Note that capitalizing the first character of the shortcut will result in capitalization of the first character of the phrase.

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