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Search and Replace Text in Your Application

Rowan Patents provides an interface supporting global or selective search and replacement of application text.

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  1. Select the Search and Replace option under the Edit menu in the main application window


    Press Ctrl+H (Cmd+H for Macs) on your keyboard.

  2. Begin entering the text you want to search for in the field provided and select from among the options presented in the resulting dropdown.

  3. Instances of the search text in your application will be displayed by section, highlighted, and in context.

  4. Check the desired options to refine your search. Tagged text is automatically excluded from search results, but can be included if desired.

    Note that some replacements may disrupt tagged and synchronized data objects. Global changes to terms and part references are best made using the Terms Manager and Drawing Tool parts controls, respectively, rather than the Search and Replace interface.

  5. Enter your desired replacement text in the field provided.

  6. Use the interface controls to replace all instances of the search text with your replacement text, selectively replace some instances and ignore instances you do not wish to replace, or clear your search and start over.

  7. When finished, return to the main application window drafting view by clicking the X in the left-hand sidebar.

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