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Use and Adjust Canvas Grid and Guides

The drawing canvas grid and alignment guides can be adjusted to best assist you in placing and sizing the elements of your drawing.

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  1. Click the Grid button in the Drawing Tool toolbar to turn the canvas grid on or off.

    Note that element placement and sizing adjustments are performed based on grid increments. Turning the grid off provides the most granular control.

  2. Click the + and - controls to the right of the Grid button to increase or decrease grid size, respectively.

    Note that a larger grid size will make consistent sizing and alignment easier, but reduces the granularity of control, which is improved at smaller grid sizes.

  3. Click the Guides button in the Drawing Tool toolbar to turn alignment guides on or off.

    Alignment guides can help you drag and drop stencils into alignment quickly, but can also reduce the granularity of placement control, especially in figures populated with a large number of elements.

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