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Export Drawing Sheet(s) as a New .rp File

You can save individual figures in .rp format for easy reuse across multiple applications. Here's how.

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  1. Navigate to the drawing sheet(s) you wish to export to a standalone .rp file.

  2. Select the Export Sheet and Descriptions option in the Sheets panel menus, under the Sheets and Figures dropdown in the toolbar, OR the Drawing menu at the top of the Drawing Tool.

    Note that the menu available at the top of the Sheets panel allows you to export multiple sheets together based on thumbnail selections in the Sheets panel.

  3. Use your operating system's save dialog to save your new .rp file containing your sheet with its figure(s) and its associated description(s).

    The figure(s) can now be easily included in other .rp files.

    Note that all figures on the sheet will be exported. If you only want one of the figures on a multi-figure sheet, you will need to move the one(s) you don't want to export to a different sheet.

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