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Align and Distribute Stencils

One-click controls to line up and distribute figure elements for a clean, polished drawing.

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  1. Select the element(s) you wish to align and/or distribute.

  2. Locate the Arrange controls in the toolbar or right-hand sidebar.

  3. Select whether you wish to align the elements relative to each other or absolutely with respect to the figure sheet.

    Note that individual elements can only be aligned to the sheet.

  4. Click the alignment and distribution control you need for the layout you desire.

    Left alignment will align all elements with the left side of the leftmost element among the group, or to the left edge of the sheet. Right, top, and bottom alignment will perform similarly with regard to their respective parameters.

    Center alignment will find the vertical centerline among the outermost vertical edges among all selected elements and center all elements to that line, or will vertically center the element(s) on the sheet. Middle alignment will perform similarly with regard to horizontal parameters.

    Distributing vertically will maintain the top-most and bottom-most stencils of the selected set in their present location and space the rest evenly between those two, or will evenly space stencils across the sheet from top edge to bottom edge. Distributing horizontally will perform similarly with left-most and right-most stencils or from left sheet edge to right sheet edge.

    For best results, place stencils roughly in their desired locations before distributing them.

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