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Stamp Identical Stencils

Replacing Rapid Number: Use the Stamp Stencil control to quickly populate a number of identical stencils on the drawing canvas.

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  1. Select the Stamp Stencil control in the Drawing Tool left-hand Stencils panel.

  2. Select the desired stencil.

  3. Click the drawing canvas to stamp as many of these stencils as you need.

    Note that a stencil just placed is selected (indicated by visible control points and a dotted blue boundary outline). Its border style, number position, label alignment, and label case attributes can be changed at this time, and the new settings will be applied to subsequently stamped stencils.

  4. Select a different stencil in the left-hand Stencils panel to continue stamping copies of a different shape.

    Note that a currently-selected stencil's shape can be changed with the edit stencil shape control, but this setting will not be applied to subsequent stamps.

  5. Click the Stamp Stencil control again to exit stencil stamping.

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