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Reorder Parts and Move Parts to a Different Figure

Drag and drop to change numbering order for autonumbered parts or to move parts from one figure list to another in the Parts Panel.

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  1. Open the Drawing Tool and expand the Parts Panel in the left-hand sidebar.

  2. Click the move icon to the left of the part number for the part you wish to reorder.


    Select multiple parts and click the move icon next to any one of the selected parts.

  3. Mouse or drag the selected part(s) to another location within their figure list, or to a location in a different figure list.

    A gray selection bar will indicate available drop locations as you mouse over them.

  4. Click or drop your parts on the selection bar at your desired new location.

    Note that parts moved to a new figure list will be numbered according to the numbering mode (autonumbering or manual numbering) selected for that figure list. However, autonumbering increments will be preserved when moving between autonumbered lists.

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